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Various Roofing Projects

Below is a list of Schools and Academies who appointed FfS (Somerset LEP) to lead in the development of a Roofing based ACMF and SALIX Loan Bid to the EFA. The Projects were designed to address the aged and poor condition rooofing material, making the building water-tight.


Condition Survey information and detailed roofing surveys and designs have been used to complete an options appraisal and subsequently to develop a control option for high priority works in order to inform project affordability and demonstrate deliverability.

The finished projects result in the replacement of roofing for the whole campuses or individual buildings which provide modern, efficient, reliable, safe, and easy to maintain solutions.  Most importantly these new roofs reduce energy and maintenance costs.


Academy Projects recently completed or with work ongoing:

Bridgwater College Academy 

Crispin School

West Somerset College

Bishop Fox's School

Brookside Academy

The Wells Blue School

Maiden Beech Academy

Wellesley Park Primary School