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Added Value

We understand educational sites and the specific requirements that need to be considered and managed throughout any project. Here are some more ways we add value:

  • we class safeguarding as our highest priority from start to finish, from designing changes to your campus right through to handover and completion

  • we understand that budgets are tight, however we make sure that you still get inspirational spaces that respond to your learners’ needs

  • we know that there are many changes that may take place on campus in the short and long term, during the planning stage we take these changes into consideration 

  • we are aware that campus' are often limited on space, we can make your campus work harder by creating and implementing a strategic plan 

  • we regularly work and consult with neighbours and/or partners to keep them informed of activities so they can be on board with the changes to your campus

  • we understand that support from your Governors for financial commitments are crucial

  • we have already established contacts with numerous organisations that need to be considered e.g. other authorities including Highways, local authorities, utilities providers etc

  • meeting procurement requirements, getting a contractor on board and delivering a project can be a lot to manage on top of the day job

  • we have a carefully selected list of quality contractors and consultants suitable for the job

We understand that the procurement process can be very time consuming.

Futures for Somerset can deliver projects without Academies needing to go out to competitive tender as the strategic partnering agreement we have in place with Somerset County Council allows Academies access to these pre-procured (and OJEU compliant) services, saving you time, effort and money.

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