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Design Management

A key element of our service is design management to ensure Schools and Academies get the design solutions that suit their needs at the best value for money. We understand and regularly work with the following everyday challenges: 

  • you need buildings and a strategic plan that will work for the short, medium and long term

  • heating, lighting and ventilation and a roof that keeps the rain out - are not the most glamorous subjects, but can impact hugely on teaching and learning

  • avoiding hidden corners and offering passive supervision via carefully placed staff offices can impact hugely on behaviour

  • for some learners, having the opportunity to sit at a dining table and eat with their peers – is just as important as learning French

  • project management brings balance and co-ordination to design

  • you need power and data of the right type and in the right places to support teaching and learning

  • some learners will not use the toilet during the day if the space is isolated, there is insufficient passive supervision and / or they fear that they may be bullied

  • some learners need spaces with more robust fixtures, fittings and finishes to support more lively behaviour and activity

  • some learners need calm and tranquil spaces with minimal distraction

  • some learners have physical and medical requirements which need accommodating through building design

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