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09.00         Refreshments on Arrival / Registration


09.30         Welcome by Futures for Somerset


09.40         Energy and Innovation in FM (BAM)

Overview of the current and future costs of consuming energy and strategies for energy reduction and low(er) cost energy generation. Introduction to ‘The Rise of the Machines’ – practical applications of robots and the 'Internet of Things' now and in the future for FM services.


10.40          Compliance (BAM)

BAM FM support our customers in all areas of statutory compliance, providing regular updates/guidance on changes to legislation. With our support we ensure that our clients fully adhere to all current regulations. We offer support, delivery and advise on a plethora of legislation.

BAM FM have robust governance processes that ensure our clients premises are safe and secure environments to work within. We offer full legislative compliance and diligent health and safety support to enable our clients to concentrate on their core business. We offer complimentary statutory compliance audits based upon confirmed orders.


11.10            Mid-morning Refreshments

11.30           Condition Improvement Fund - CIF Lessons

Futures for Somerset have a great track record of successful CIF applications; almost double the national average percentage! Over the years we have learnt many lessons and continue to do so. We would like to share with you what we have learnt and how we plan to improve for future funding rounds. We have a strong understanding of what the Education Skills & Funding Agency (ESFA) are looking for and can offer you an end to end service, from submitting your CIF bid/s on your behalf right through to the project completion. 


12.30          School IT - why your current IT should be delivering more (RM)

We’ll discuss how you can strategically refocus your school’s technology choices to improve learning outcomes, and ensure your IT choices are embedded in teaching and learning by aligning your IT with your school vision and development plan.  We’ll also discuss the impact of online safety and GDPR requirements, and suggest ways you can effectively reutilise your current technologies to deliver cost-savings.

13.00          Lunch / Networking


14.00          Prama – Interactive Fitness (1610)

Why not do something different and create a space where PE and physical literature can be interactive, and an immersive experience space for all to enjoy. With the use of lights, music, floor markings and interactivity – Prama could bring to life traditional studios or sports hall – and help disguise fitness as fun!

The Prama experience combines the best of gamification and movement, whilst offering all the opportunities to not only improve children’s motor skills, balance, coordination, and agility as well as key social skills such as communication, cooperation and team work. The Prama experience can enable young people to experience a new, fun way of exercising, helping to engage pupils who do not respond well to more traditional PE lessons. Which in turn can build their confidence to lead active and healthy lifestyles later in life.

PRAMA is only limited to a teacher’s imagination!


14.20          Immersive Learning (Computeam)

Computeam will be showcasing innovative and immersive tools that include intelligently-designed interactive flat panels and the next generation of interactive delivery software that:

> Transform all learning spaces into collaborative and connected environments, enveloping the student        in the latest technology;

> Promote student participation, immersion, and engagement throughout the learning process;

> Provide access to limitless interactive teaching and learning resources that bring lessons to life and           energise students.


In addition Computeam will demonstrate the possibilities for learning by using immersive virtual and augmented reality.


15.00         Mid-afternoon Refreshments / Close

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