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Free School Bids

There are many ways in which we can help you in developing your initial proposal for a new school opening. This support spans the full requirement of the new process – as well as other areas which we believe are crucial to opening a successful school and guaranteeing success in its formative years.


We have supported a wide range of groups through the Free School Application Process, so you can be sure that we will be able to help you create a strong proposition that presents your vision in the best possible light and proceeds smoothly to Funding Agreement.

There is a requirement to have established a suitable Trust organisation before submitting a Free School proposal. We can help you with this in the following ways:

  • Advice and support in setting up a Trust (a company which is ‘limited by guarantee’) as the legal mechanism behind the school, and in controlling its assets.

  • Assistance in the process of making sure that the Memorandum and Articles of Association is approved by the DfE swiftly and without any issues.

  • Support in ensuring that the new Free School will meet all of the conditions of the DfE’s Funding Agreement for Free Schools.

  • Help and advice during the process of appointing the Governing Body – to ensure that this is an effective team, all of whom who have the necessary skills and experience required in order to achieve everything that your school has set out to do.


Some Proposers are keen to explore how third-party organisations can help them to realise their Free School ambitions. This can range from specific assistance during the process, to a complete outsourcing of the running of the school. As an established name in the education sector, Futures for Somerset has excellent connections with a number of high quality organisations, ranging from Outstanding Schools and Academies through to School Business Management specialists and existing Academy Sponsors. We have also acted as advisor to Free School groups to assess their needs, and to establish how they can engage with appropriate providers in a transparent procurement process.

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