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Lee McEvans
Deputy General Manager

Lee joined Futures for Somerset in September 2017 as a Project Manager before coming Deputy General Manager in August 2019.

Prior to joining Futures, Lee worked at Somerset County Council and has over 15 years’ experience of managing education projects. Lee has always had an interest in buildings and completed his work experience in a Taunton design practice.  Lee started his career working in finance which has enabled him to deliver projects within the Clients budget, whilst also focusing on the educational needs and overall delivery.  Lee recently project managed the new Northgate 14 class primary school project in central Bridgwater and also project managed the new 14 class replacement primary school at West Monkton, which includes community facilities and was provided by the housing developer Persimmon and Redrow through sect 106 agreements. 

​Since joining the team Lee has brought numerous business development ideas which will aid the success of the business, including the development of the “Griffin” optimised model school.

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