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Promethean: Apply for a FREE ActivPanel

Global education technology provider Promethean, has announced the launch of the Promethean Grant 2018. Following the phenomenal success of the initiative in 2017, the company has identified a real demand in the education sector for a second this year.

Promethean has recognised that schools are increasingly faced with budgetary pressures and believes this should not prevent them from having access to the latest teaching technology. The Promethean Grant aims to give schools UK-wide an opportunity to win the latest edtech in a creative competition.

In 2017, the first ever Promethean Grant attracted exciting entries from over 250 schools up and down the country. The initiative was an overwhelming success, inspiring schools nationwide to get creative in the spirit of technology. All Saints HwB in Preston was one of 30 schools chosen by judges to win an ActivPanel.

Mr Rory Dixon, Year 3 Teacher and Computing Lead at All Saints HwB, said: “The Promethean Grant was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss out on. As soon as I told the children about the competition they came up with so many ideas and were very enthusiastic. In our class we’re really passionate about using technology for learning, so when I broke the news we had won, the children were in complete disbelief, we were thrilled, we even had a party.

“From a teacher perspective the ActivPanel is a great addition to the classroom, the connectivity means we can mirror and interact with all of our class devices. It’s extremely beneficial to be able to get such instant feedback from the whole class. The grant is a fantastically generous initiative and we’d like to say a massive thank you to Promethean.”

Entries will be judged on three criteria: creativity, need, and the impact the technology will have if they are successful. 30 winners will be selected to receive a fully installed ActivPanel package valued at around £3,000.

As a front of class display, the ActivPanel acts as a collaborative learning centre, and can connect with other devices in the classroom such as laptops and tablets; enabling students to complete tasks from the screen on a handheld device, or even gather in small groups at the front of the classroom using the multi-touch functionality.

A maximum of one ActivPanel can be won per school, but multiple entries are welcomed. The competition will close on Friday 15th June. An article on Promethean's Education Blog ResourcEd provides details on how to apply.

To view full details, please click on this link...

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