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1610 Good News Stories

As many of you may already know 1610 provides a variety of exercise classes for all ages and abilities. The centre is always buzzing with people who attend different activities. So it is great to hear about the impact and results it is making to peoples lives: here are two good news stories that we would like to share with you.

Aqua Aerobics - Life Changing Success

Aqua Aerobics classes at 1610 Trinity Sports and Leisure in Bridgwater are enjoying a surge in popularity with attendances rising by more than 22% in two years transforming the health of many of those who take part.

1610 Trinity Sports and Leisure has recorded 10,440 attendances for Aqua Aerobic classes in the past year and someone who is a regular participant of the classes is 66 year old Andrew Joslin  who signed up for Aqua sessions in January of this year following problems with his health.

In the past six months Andrew has enjoyed a great improvement in his mental and physical health; “I was in constant pain and I was frustrated and depressed. There seemed to be no real help for me and my quality of life was poor. I was advised to try Aqua and it was a big step for me at first due to a lack of confidence but I was given lots of support and advice. Aqua has helped me so much, I have become stronger and fitter and happier but most importantly I now have less pain. I look forward to the classes because they are hard work but mainly fun.”

Aqua Aerobics is a low impact form of exercise as the buoyancy which the water provides alleviates pressure on the body and the joints. It increases muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

1610 Senior General Manager at Trinity Sports and Leisure Chris Skidmore says that Aqua Aerobics is a versatile activity for a wide range of age groups; "Aqua is a very safe but effective form of exercise for all age groups, it's a great way to train and have a great workout whilst minimising impact and pressure on joints. We are delighted with the increase in demand for our classes, we aim to make them as welcoming and fun as possible for members to enjoy.”

62 year old Sarah Maher has been taking part in Aqua Aerobics since 2014 and attends 4 classes a week; “I started because I have Osteoarthritis in my hips and exercising in the water allows me much more mobility. It has helped me develop my muscles that support the bones and it certainly helps reduce the pain and I am generally fitter. The water supports you, so you can do so much more than you can on dry land. I have also got to know a lot more people through attending the classes so it is a social event too.”

Andrew Joslin believes that the classes have transformed his life in such a positive way; “My quality of life has improved as has my confidence, I am not trapped at home and I have made friends and I enjoy life again. Mentally, emotionally and physically I am so much better and improved. I would recommend anyone to try it.”

For more information about the 1610 Trampolining Club, the Love Sport programme or Aquafit please contact Trinity Sports & Leisure Tel 01278 429119. You can also view the timetables online:

Andrew Joslin - Aqua has changed his life

Jumping for Joy

Four school girls from Bridgwater are jumping for joy after scooping the first team prize in a regional Trampolining competition.

Chelsea and Georgie Taylor who are sisters, Faith Taylor and Leni Rayner won the Under 7 team award in the Griffin Trampolining competition which was held recently in Street. All four girls are members of the 1610 Love Sport Trampolining club which trains regularly at Trinity Sports & Leisure and at Robert Blake and Elmwood Centre in Bridgwater. Faith Taylor also came third in the U8 individual award in the competition which involved 300 children from schools and sports clubs all across the South West.

Other members of the 1610 Trampolining club also did well in the competition, Isobel Randell gained a third place in the  Year 8 individual award and Hadley Carreras- Bennett came 5th in the  year 7 individual award.

1610 Trampolining coach Adele Ranford said she is delighted with how the children performed: “We are thrilled that the members of the club all did so well as they all try very hard at our sessions at Trinity and at Robert Blake and Elmwood. To have gained a first team place was an outstanding effort and I know all the children will want to build on their success and continue training and enjoying what is a fun and accessible sport. The children gain so much in terms of fitness and confidence at the Trampolining club which is part of our Love Sport programme, which also involves gymnastics and karate."

1st Prize in a Regional Trampolining Competition


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