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Caitlin's Work Experience at Futures

Caitlin Webster:

Over the past 4 weeks I have been doing my work experience for Futures for Somerset. I was lucky enough to be able to have this opportunity working alongside the team. I am currently studying at Kings College Taunton and just about to go into my final year of Sixth Form there doing my A-levels studying Business studies, Design Technology and Photography. After I have finished at school and got my grades I am hoping to progress my career either going to university to study Construction Project Management or to do an Apprenticeship with a construction company that coming summer, so me being able to have work experience here at Futures really has given me insight into what this industry is all about and how the different Project Managers work! I was also able to get a day on a BAM site shadowing the Site Managers there to see what on site life is like too. Once I have finished my degree or my apprenticeship I hope to then go into the industry as a Construction Project Manager.

Whilst doing my work experience, I have learnt so many new and different skills which I will be able to carry forwards with me, I have had so many different opportunities ranging from onsite pre-start meetings to scanning invoices to put on the system and to then send off to the accounts department, I have been able to learn how to use excel to input data. I also collected all the information about the new job applications to put onto a spreadsheet ready to be shortlisted down and further then to be interviewed. I have also put multiple contracts together ready to be handed out to the appropriate people. This opportunity that I have had has taught me so much and given me a lot more confidence in my aim of becoming a Project Manager. I’ve been to real meetings about a range of different projects happening, I’ve been on site looking at how projects are progressing, and I have also got an idea about all the different routes that are open that I could potentially take after I come out of school.

I would like to thank Futures for this amazing opportunity that has been given to me!

Futures for Somerset:

From day one Caitlin settled into the team and it was great to see how motivated and professional she is. Caitlin experienced a variety of situations during her time at Futures, every situation was handled in such a calm and confident manner, which impressed us all. Futures would like to thank Caitlin for the last 4 weeks and we hope to continue to work with Caitlin alongside her studies. All the best for a future in construction Caitlin. Keep up your positive hard-working attitude!

Marie, Carol, Caitlin, Caroline, Hadleigh


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