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ESFA Update Condition Improvement Fund 2020/21

The #ESFA have announced this morning that there will be some changes to the scoring criteria for the 2020 to 21 #ConditionImprovementFunding round. To submit your application, you’ll need to ensure you have registered on this years #CIF portal following the details that will have been sent to the designated contact for your online portal.

All applications will be assessed and scored against the new criteria with points added or deducted from the overall score as follows:

  • four-points will be deducted if your academy or sixth form college pays two or more salaries in excess of £100,000 or one salary over £150,000, and you have not taken appropriate action in response to the high pay challenge

  • an extra point will be awarded for applicants that have signed-up to the most recent government funding agreement

  • up to four-points will be deducted for those applicants that have not submitted a financial improvement plan following a visit from a School Resource Management Adviser

  • further scrutiny will be applied for successful project bids worth more than £1 million.

Where bids are unsuccessful, applicants will still have the option of applying for Urgent Capital Support.

We are awaiting further information and guidance for applicants and will keep you updated when we know more. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries.


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