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World Environment Day 2019 Challenge

World Environment Day Challenge: The winners are....

Last month's World Environment Day (WED) challenge saw BAM offices and projects work together to reduce air pollution.

Seven teams entered the challenge, with the Bridgwater College Academy (BCA) site team winning the top spot, and BAM Plant coming very close second.

All the teams increased their understanding of the topic by either undertaking he learn at lunch, toolbox talk or using an air pollution app. The BCA team differentiated themselves by eliminating 357km of diesel car mileage, with Project Manager, Graham Holt swapping his car for a bike two to three times a week and demonstrated that personal changes can reduce air pollution.

The challenge also highlighted some innovative solutions, for example the Atlantic Square team have been using DustScan monitors on the site hoarding, which generate a dust report every two weeks, determining the 'annoyance factor' for the local area.

Futures for Somerset have been working closely with BAM Construction on the Bridgwater College Academy Expansion Project. We want to congratulate the site team on this great achievement and for raising awareness of air pollution and the affect it has on the environment.


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